Perhaps more than any other fine jewelry designer in the fashion world, Peter Storm has a personal relationship with every piece that he creates. Peter began his jewelry career in his early 20s, selling high-style, precious jewelry. As the years passed, he began to weave together his imagination with his intimate knowledge of the wants and needs of bridal clients. Piece by piece, he brought his dreams to life.

Peter Storm is a family team founded on the principle that every ring sold is a love story. The company, Peter Storm Inc. was born when Peter brought his own love story into his work. Peter and Anne have been married for 30 years. Even after this 30 year partnership, Anne’s personal commitment to her clients makes a powerful combination with Peter’s vision and imagination. Together, their inspirations bring together couples from all over the United States. Where Peter creates his intricate pieces of art, Anne walks new brides and grooms through the marriage journey with their new rings. To this day, if you email Peter Storm Inc, you will get a personal response from Anne, Peter, or their daughter Adi.

Peter’s cutting edge designs have given them a unique place in the jewelry world. On the one hand, Peter and Anne’s commitment to their clients make Peter Storm an intimate company where clients can work directly with the designer to capture their dreams. On the other hand, Peter’s designs are fresh and innovative, allowing his pieces to stand next to top brand names.

Peter personally invites you to play with his pieces and to see which Peter Storm vision suits you best.