Maxon Fine Jewelry

Since 1972

At Maxon, we pride ourselves on the exquisite quality of the jewelry and luxury watches that we carry. Our diamonds, vintage estate pieces, and jewelry are cared for by our certified gemologists. Their expertise provides an additional measure of confidence in both the quality of the pieces sold, the repairs completed, and the appraisals performed. Maxon also has a staff bench jeweler with more than 35 years of experience, so you know that our knowledge of fine jewelry is more than just a hunch.

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2850 East Battlefield Road

Springfield, Missouri 65804

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Tuesday thru Friday 10 – 6

Saturday 10 – 5

Help us congratulate our owner, Jessica, on her 7th work anniversary at Maxon Fine Jewelry! She’s had a great year…finalized the purchase of Maxon and gave birth to her second little boy! Hear more about her journey juggling business ownership, being a wife and mother, and her involvement in the community when the @keepingupwithkashhhh podcast drops tomorrow!!
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An exclusive feature on the @Rolex Explorer, a concealed attachment system between the Oyster case and bracelet ensures seamless visual continuity. The harmonious lines of the watch, combined with an impeccable finish, enhance the wearer’s comfort and feel. #Rolex #Explorer #OfficialRolexRetailer
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Turquoise: One of December’s Three Birthstones. 
In European tradition, the gift of a turquoise ring means “forget me not.” 
Turquoise is also the gem of the 11th wedding anniversary.
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