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It’s all in the details 👑
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Introduced in 2005, the @Rolex Paraflex shock absorber is designed to neutralize all the effects of the knocks and bumps of everyday life. No bigger than a grain of rice, the Paraflex moves one way and then the other, all within a fraction of a second. On the one hand, it bends at each impact to disperse the energy, then returns to its original shape. On the other, it displaces itself to ensure the functionality of the balance wheel and escapement anchor. It is through this unique ballet of deformation and displacement that the Paraflex preserves the watch’s movement with its own. #Rolex #Watchmaking #OfficialRolexRetailer
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Please congratulate Caleb on his third work anniversary with Maxon! He is an office manager extraordinaire and keeps us all in line! When he’s not at Maxon, he enjoys spending time with his daughter.
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Happy Valentine’s from your Maxon Galentines!  We 🤍 You!!!
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