It’s true, our most treasured pieces of jewelry are meant to be worn. It’s also true that wearing your jewelry, even those truly fine pieces, puts them at risk of damage and in need of jewelry repair services. Whether it’s general wear and tear, a lost stone, a broken chain, or some other small mishap, you have options.

Jewelry Repair Services


At Maxon, we can not only repair broken jewelry, but restore it to its former grandeur. And we have a lot of experience doing so! In fact, Jay Casey, our in-house master of jewelry repairs, celebrates 25 years at Maxon Fine Jewelry on September 1, with a cumulative 42 years in the industry itself. Jay has spent his long and storied career at Maxon providing exceptional care to each piece of jewelry placed in his very capable hands.

Repairing a treasured piece of jewelry is a delicate process, one that our team does not take lightly. As no two materials are the same, the Maxon approach is to tailor the repair process to each specific item, the metal, and the gemstones. We also partner with a local pearl stringer to ensure quality craftsmanship. Each repair concludes with a courtesy cleaning and free rhodium plating. We know you’re trusting us for a reason, and we will continue to earn that trust every single day.

In addition to jewelry, Maxon partners with authorized watch repair facilities to make any internal timepiece repairs. As the only authorized Rolex dealer in Southwest Missouri, we adhere to Rolex standards so that all repairs and testing are completed by Rolex watchmakers.

Long-Term Jewelry Care


For the best continual care, we recommend customers bring their jewelry in every six months for a free inspection. This is a great way to

spot potential problems before they have the chance to become major repairs. We also offer a variety of services such as resizing, resetting, refinishing, soldering, and stone-setting. Maxon is also here to help you replace lost stones as well. Walk-ins are more than welcome. Consultations usually last around 5 minutes and conclude with an estimate and competitive pricing.

Please contact Maxon Fine Jewelry with any questions you have about maintaining your jewelry. We know how much it means to you, and we’re honored to help ensure it lasts for generations.