As of this writing, the entire world is gripped by the ominous threat of a dangerous pandemic. We don’t know when it will end, or when it will catapult this nation onto center stage as the world watches, calculating the days until it reaches them. We don’t know if all of our loved ones will still be with us when it’s over.

But we know this.

We have now. And we have birthdays, special moments and treasured relationships to celebrate! Even in this time of unease, Stay-at-Home orders, and social distancing, somewhere love will blossom into a proposal of marriage. A baby will be born. Someone will receive their first visit from the Tooth-Fairy. Anniversaries of all kinds will be remembered and celebrated. There will be endings and beginnings that deserve to be commemorated as graduations occur traditionally or in some new virtual format. Someone will leave us sooner than we were ready to say goodbye. We know this.



We have now to share our thoughts, love, gifts, laughter and time with those we care about. While only you can uniquely craft a story of a shared experience, or make someone laugh in a private moment, Maxon can help you choose a physical representation of your special sentiments once the crisis is over. We’ve been helping our customers, our friends, do that very thing for over 45 years.



The current health crisis may temporarily threaten to cast a shadow over our lives as we scan the media hourly, even constantly, for any new information. But ultimately, this virus will not eclipse the beautiful, joyful, sparkling, special occasions of our lives. Throughout history, in good times and in bad, people have found ways to honor each other.

When this is over, your friends at Maxon would love to help you choose something of lasting quality to give to someone special, perhaps as a symbol of remembrance of a special occasion, or even to brighten someone’s day. Or perhaps you should reward yourself with something uplifting once life returns to normal.


While the Maxon showroom may be closed, we are not. As many of you know, a Maxon Moment can happen at an unexpected time. This unique period will be no different. You can reach out to our team by email at, text message, or call our general phone number 417-887-1800.

Once our doors are open again, we would delight in helping you find something appropriate and memorable for your special occasion. We look forward to hearing from you! Life’s celebrations continue!