Many of us grow up knowing we will inherit family heirlooms from our parents and grandparents—items with rich history that have been handed down through generations. Each person who inherits estate jewelry has a choice. Do you keep and wear your grandmother’s vintage wedding ring? Do you sell your father’s antique watch? Do you repurpose your great aunt’s gold bracelet?

If you inherit a family heirloom at a time when you are facing financial burdens – like student loans, for example – keeping it might not be the best option, and it might not even be what your family member would advise. Letting go of estate jewelry may not be easy, but it’s easier if you trust your inheritance to people who will understand, appreciate, and honor the legacy behind it.

Our Process For Jewelry Buying / Jewelry Selling

When you bring your estate jewelry into Maxon for sale, we do more than simply appraise it. We want to know its story. We learn all we can about every piece of jewelry we buy for our estate collection, because we know that the history of the piece is just as important as the precious stones and the setting. Knowing the story behind our estate jewelry helps us ensure each diverse piece finds the perfect new owner who will appreciate its unique character all the more.

Custom Jewelry Design

In other scenarios, you might hold onto a cherished family heirloom that is outdated and, consequentially, seldom worn. Maxon takes great joy in giving these treasured pieces new life. Together, we assess the possibilities and walk you through the transformation process.

 Estate Jewelry

Our custom design team can bring new life to estate pieces with just a few updates. Or for a completely fresh look, we love repurposing diamonds and gemstones from your original piece and incorporating them into a new, custom jewelry design. At Maxon, we focus on YOUR experience. To ensure your custom jewelry design is perfect, we provide detailed CAD images for your approval before the transformation begins. We also present video versions of these computer-aided designs so you can inspect every angle. Review and revise the look as many times as necessary for complete confidence.

As your jewelry experts, we’re here to walk you through every step. Start dreaming, because we’re excited to see the next chapter in the story of your heirloom.