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Telling Stories

Like anything else, jewelry fashion changes by the season. The reasons we wear jewelry might not depend upon what's hot in the fashion world, but regardless, we are influenced by it, whether we notice or not. This is why, at Maxon's, we were thrilled to see that estate jewelry is a strong contender for a Spring 2015 trend.

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Estate jewelry is special for so many reasons. While jewelry itself is often given on special days, anniversaries, birthdays, or to ask important questions-estate jewelry might be a collection of events, telling numerous tales. Each piece comes to us with at least one amazing story attached. Some are hauntingly beautiful and others can bring us to tears. That's the thing about jewelry-when given to someone you love, or handed down through generations, the jewelry itself represents something greater than pearls or diamonds, silver or gold. Estate jewelry that comes to Maxon's is not absent a story when it finds a new home-it takes that history along with it. While the diamond engagement ring might sparkle on its own, the story behind it can well be what makes it beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

The estate jewelry at Maxon's is a fount of history. We feel entrusted by the families of each piece, as we understand parting with estate jewelry can be especially emotional, and the reasons for doing so are private. We don't judge, and we don't ask questions, but we're happy to listen if an ear is needed.

Do you have a family heirloom with a rich history? We'd love to hear your story.