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Now Carrying TUDOR Watches

Tudor Watches at Maxon's

Maxon's is proud to announce that we now carry TUDOR watches! Developed by Hans Wilsdorf, TUDOR Watch Company wristwatches have represented quality and functionality since 1926, offering a variety of chronograph, alarm, and diving watches.

The birth of the prestigious TUDOR brand came about in 1926 when the demand for wristwatches were at an all-time high. Wilsdorf's inspiration for the brand was the 16th century Tudor period in England, a time that represented optimism and a booming economy.

The first TUDOR watches were sold in the most prestigious jewelry stores in Australia in 1932. The first design was simple, rectangular in shape, and featured the brand's name across the dial. Twenty years later, the brand's second design, the Oyster Prince, was released in 1952. The Oyster Prince represented quality and dependability, with an ad campaign focused on men working under extreme conditions. Fast forward two years to 1954 when the brand released its first ever diving watch, the Submariner. Trusted by divers around the world, TUDOR became the brand of choice for professionals who needed a watch to be both durable and waterproof. Three years later, the first alarm watch, the TUDOR Advisor, was created in 1957. TUDOR also offers a large collection of chronograph watches, perfect for multifunctional uses and favored among sports stars.

Whatever your personal style may be, Maxon's has the perfect TUDOR watch to complement your personality and lifestyle!