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Choosing Your Wedding Band

Maxon is happy to introduce a new three-part summer blog series for wedding season, featuring everything you need to know about your wedding bands, from how to choose and match your wedding bands, to how to care for them. In this first post, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose your wedding band to complement your engagement ring. We’re here to help so you can enjoy planning the rest of your wedding!

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Choosing the color of your wedding band is the first step. Ideally your band should match the color of your engagement ring, and you should stick with the same metal. For example, if your engagement ring is either platinum or yellow or white gold, then you’ll want your band to be the same metal.

Next, you’ll want to choose the stones of your wedding band. You can opt for a plain band (sans stones), or you can choose diamonds or colored gemstones to accent your engagement ring. Many brides choose a band with diamonds to match their engagement rings and add an extra flourish, while some prefer to choose an understated band to let their engagement ring stand out.

Choosing the shape of your wedding band should be simple — you’ll want the shape of your band to complement the shape of your engagement ring. Uniquely-shaped engagement rings have become a major trend in recent years, and contoured or V-shaped bands can provide the perfect fit. If your engagement ring is on the classic side, a traditionally-shaped band will be best.

At Maxon, we carry a wide selection of exquisite wedding rings to fit each unique taste. If you have any questions about matching the perfect wedding band to your engagement ring, ask away!

Don’t forget to check in next month for the second installment in our three-part summer blog series to get tips on matching your wedding band to your significant other’s!